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Digital cutting technology allows us to make a variety of cake toppers. From elegant acrylic toppers, to silhouette glitter card toppers, we are flexible in design.

Cake toppers can be purchased individually or included with any celebration cake.

Toppers: Product


FROM £10

Our acrylic toppers are made using a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Text and designs are digitally cut and transferred using different colour vinyl.

Acrylic toppers can be hand painted in a wide range of colours to create an even more elegant effect ready to match any colour theme.



Silhouette toppers are extremely versatile and can be made using are wide range of cardstock, with a huge variety of colours and effects. In our opinion, double sided, non-shed glitter card gives the best result.


All of our cake toppers are designed and digitally cut by us. 



If you are after a topper with a little more colour and detail, then we can digitally print and cut any image or message and back it with cardstock. For best results we use high quality photo paper and back it with double sided, non-shed glitter card. Images can be reversed on the back so it does not matter which angle the topper is seen from.

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